When COVID-19 first broke out, many frontline teacher groups, non-government organizations, and EdTech business representatives shared lots of ideas and resources online through different channels, hoping to provide frontline teachers and school leaders with the necessary support as they transition to online and hybrid learning.


Noticing the need to share ideas and resources within the industry, Ednovators collaborated with 19 groups and organizations from the education, community and commercial sectors before the beginning of the new school year in 2020. We collaboratively rolled out the project “Are You Ready? Cross-sector Sharing for Education New Normal”, organizing online webinars for education professionals and cross-sector stakeholders to share their teaching experiences and wisdom, and consolidating the scattered online resources so they could be easily shared among education professionals.


As we face changes and challenges, we also see lots of opportunities in this ‘new normal’, expanding education professionals’ imagination of what education can look like. We believe that by creating a platform that brings together education professionals, cross-sector experiences and community wisdom, we can effectively move local education forward to become more agile and responsive to our young generation’s needs, bringing meaningful learning journeys to our students.


Watch our five online webinars here (in Cantonese):

  1. 學校領導與管理的創新 []
  2. 照顧學生的不同學習需要 []
  3. 支援學生的身心健康及多方面成長 []
  4. 透過學與教創新迎向未來教育 []
  5. 學校中層管理帶領團隊迎接新常態 []


Download PDF file of the consolidated online resources (in Traditional Chinese):

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About Ednovators

Ednovators is a local charity founded by a group of education innovators. We inspire educators and cross-sector stakeholders to transform education and give hope to future generations of Hong Kong. We hope to see every child experience a learning journey that recognizes their unique gifts and needs, prepares them for a future that we don’t yet know, and empowers them to create their own meaningful lives.

Ednovators is a tax-exempt charity (No.: 91/14481) under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance of Hong Kong.