In 2020, the world seemed to have come to a halt because of COVID-19. Education professionals and parents were under more pressure than ever to support students through prolonged periods of distance learning.


Ednovators believes that during trying times, caring for each other’s emotional and social needs while learning together is more important than ever. We wanted to provide teachers, parents and students the tools to care for each other’s emotional and social needs, so that they could walk alongside each other during this uneasy time.


Hence in March 2020, we launched Better Me, Better We Physical and Emotional Health Education Support Platform funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. The platform offered Hong Kong teachers, parents and students physical and emotional health education support through online and offline tools, inviting them to incorporate quiet time within their packed learning schedules, be aware of their physical and emotional state, and free up time to communicate with and care for those around them, so that they can build stronger connections and support networks as they continue to co-create a healthy learning environment.


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About Ednovators

Ednovators is a local charity founded by a group of education innovators. We inspire educators and cross-sector stakeholders to transform education and give hope to future generations of Hong Kong. We hope to see every child experience a learning journey that recognizes their unique gifts and needs, prepares them for a future that we don’t yet know, and empowers them to create their own meaningful lives.

Ednovators is a tax-exempt charity (No.: 91/14481) under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance of Hong Kong.